15 Former Trump Officials Are Meeting Next Week On Plan To Stop Him In 2024

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According to Stephanie Grisham, a group of 15 former Trump White House officials will be meeting next week to stop Trump in 2024.

Video of Stephanie Grisham on CNN:

Grisham told CNN, “I can say next week a group of former Trump staff, administration officials, are going to come together to talk about how we can come together to formally do some things to try and stop him, and also that kind of violence and rhetoric that continues to be talked about and divide our country.”

Grisham was pressed on who these former Trump administration officials were, and she answered that she didn’t want to get too far ahead of the announcement, but she did say that there were both junior and senior former White House officials involved.

It Is Unprecedented For A Former President’s Own Staff To Work Against Him In This Way

Grisham also said that she wasn’t looking for redemption, but never has the staff who worked for a former president actively mobilized to stop that former president from seeking the White House again.

Donald Trump is such an extreme danger to the nation that even his own staff is working to make sure that he never returns to power again.

Much of the corporate media still pretends like Donald Trump is normal politics as usual, but the behavior of those who have been behind close doors with him illustrates how the threat is.

Trump is a danger to the nation, and even his own former staff is trying to stop him.

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