How to Write a Corporate Press Release for a New Business Opening

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A business expansion press release example is a great way to announce the opening of your new business. It provides journalists who cover your industry with information they can use in their coverage and helps generate local interest in the new business. If you don’t have time to write one yourself, we have developed a template that will help you create an effective press release for your new venture:

Include details about all of the principals involved in the new venture and include a photograph of each person.

A press release is a great way to get your name out there and attract attention, so you should include all of the principals involved in your new venture. Include a photograph of each person, along with their contact information (including email addresses and phone numbers).

Write a boilerplate press release statement that can be used on all releases from your company or organization.

A boilerplate where to publish press releases statement is a basic template that you can use on all releases from your company or organization. It includes the following information:

  • Date of publication

  • Name of company (or organization) issuing the release

  • Title of article/report (if applicable)

Include any other relevant information, such as:

  • Tagline about your company or organization

  • Names of people quoted in the press release, who may also be included in an interview or video footage

Create a “hook” in your first paragraph to grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read further.

A hook is a sentence or two in the first paragraph that grabs the reader’s attention and makes them want to read further. It should be interesting and relevant, written in an active voice (not passive), short and to the point.

The following are some examples of hooks:

  • “This is my first press release as CEO of [company name]. I am excited about what we have planned for our customers this year!”

  • “We're proud to announce that we've won an award for our innovative new product line at last year's [industry trade show] show!

Provide contact information for the person or department who receives media inquiries for your organization.

The media contact information should be provided for the person or department who receives media inquiries for your organization, not just your company's communications manager. If you don't have a dedicated media contact, include contact information for someone who can answer questions about what is a press release in business and provide updates on the new business opening. Include a name and email address as well as any other relevant information such as an office location or phone number.

Don’t use acronyms, jargon or industry-specific terms.

Don't use acronyms, jargon or industry-specific terms that you don’t know. It's important to define them before using them in your press release. Remember that your audience may not be familiar with the term, and it will come off as pretentious if you overuse it.

Use simple language that is easy to understand by whomever reads your press release (the media), so don't try too hard when writing about something technical—make sure they can follow along!

Clearly explain what is different about your new business opening and why it matters.

A good business press release will clearly explain what is different about your new business opening and why it matters.

  • Describe the product or service that you are introducing, including its benefits and features.

  • Explain how this product or service will be different from other offerings in the market, especially if there are existing ones on which you could draw comparisons (for example: "We're offering our customers an exclusive membership club with unlimited access to all of our products").

  • Explain why a reader would want to buy from you over another company, such as by pointing out specific features that make yours better than others'.

You can also use numbers and statistics to support claims made in your press release; however, keep them short—no more than two sentences each—and make sure they are objective rather than subjective (e.g., "Our sales were up 20% last year").

Include any quotes from the principals involved with the new business in your release.

You should include any quotes from the principals involved with the new business in your release.

  • Quotes should be short and to the point, but they should also be interesting and relevant.

  • If possible, include quotes from more than one source—for example, a spokesperson for your client and another spokesperson for your client’s competitors.

  • It’s usually best to make sure that all text is written by someone who has firsthand knowledge of what happened or will happen at this opening (or has been briefed by someone who does).

Be sure to address what type of outreach you are looking for and what types of coverage you would like to see.

Now that you have a good idea of the type of coverage you’re looking for, it’s time to address the most important aspect of any business press releases: who should see your message? For example, if you are opening a new business and want to get local media coverage, then make sure that there is an introduction section in your email. This will explain why this particular business opening is so exciting (and why they should care). In addition, include links or embeds that point out all the ways people can learn more about what has happened at this new location—like websites or social media pages where people can follow along with their favorite sports teams or read their favorite blogs!

If there isn't already information available online about what happened when someone opens up shop somewhere else then try making some calls around town first before sending out emails asking them if they would like some promo materials sent over too

Target local media outlets as well as industry-specific magazines, newspapers, podcasts and blogs.

The next step is to target local media outlets as well as industry-specific magazines, newspapers, podcasts and blogs. This will help you build your brand recognition locally and nationally. Trade publications such as the New York Times or USA Today are also good places to publish your press release because they have a wide readership base. Business journals like Forbes provide a perfect platform for reaching out to potential clients who could benefit from your services or products. You can also consider contacting business associations that serve the same industry sector as yours or trade publications dedicated solely for entrepreneurs within that field (like Inc Magazine). Finally, you should consider reaching out directly to newspapers with large readerships in order for them to cover the story once it hits the newsstands!

A corporate press release can help get the word out about your new business opening.

A corporate press release is a formal communication sent out by a company or business to announce new developments and share information with the media. The objective of a corporate press release is to inform readers about your new business opening, but it can also be used as an opportunity for you to tell people about yourself and what you do.

A good example would be if you were opening up one of your stores in New York City, then sending out an announcement would help get the word out there that there's something happening at this location!

If this sounds like something that could benefit both sides (you and potential customers), then consider writing one today!


A press release for business is a great way to introduce yourself to the media, but it’s also an effective way for them to find out more about your new business opening. It will give them an idea of what outlets they should contact and how they should cover the story. If you are looking for some guidance on creating a corporate press release, contact us today!

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